The occurrence of certain events such as signs of moisture, fungus, cracks or other structural disorders are manifestations for which it is imperative to react quickly.

Some phenomena can be directly related to property owned by others or acts committed by third parties. But it is still necessary to convince them to intervene.

Our role is not only to provide you with technical support through our findings but also, if necessary, to try to find an amicable solution with the third party.

Als de regeling in der minne onmogelijk is, grijpen wij als technisch adviseur in en stellen wij onze kennis te uwer beschikking om uw belangen te verdedigen.


When in the process of renovations or transformations, certain disputes between the client and the contractor may have relatively heavy consequences, for one as for the other.

Our construction experts are regularly asked to provide an external opinion. They carefully study the contract documents (quotes, specifications, quantities, etc. ..) to make a reasoned report, while considering the many constructive and technical parameters

We are members of CSTC (Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction).



POf course, when you are suffering water damage, you have the right to be compensated by your insurance company. Unfortunately, these often minimise their interventions.

Did you know that most insurance policies offer the insured the possibility to demand a counter-expert in case of disaster?

The companies are fairly discreet about it because our fees in counter-expertise are for the most taken into account by the insurance company. The best insurance brokers, wanting to help their clients to the maximum, regularly recommend our services.

Our experts will contact and establish an insurance claim with the insurance company. They will make up a true state of your losses and negotiate the maximum value of the refund, together with the expert of the insurance company.


The victims of a fire are often disoriented. As for water damage, we ensure your protection from your insurance company. But do you really know your rights?

We negotiate not only just a compensation following the damage caused by fire, but also for the damage that happened during the intervention of fire fighters.

We ensure that you are decently relocated and that the various costs resulting from the fire are covered by your insurance.

Shortly, we offer a truly personalized assistance.


These days, many buildings are subject to various events such as cracks, moisture, fungi, rotting wooden structures, the development of mildew, corrosion of metal parts, etc.

These disorders may in some cases, deteriorate your property quickly and cause important damage. It is therefore important to act quickly!

The mission of the expert is to identify the type of pathology, identify its origin and determine the different patterns of implementation needed to solve the problem.

With our advanced equipment, we are able to:

    Detect insulation defects,
  • Locate pipes and pipelines,
  • Examine the poorly insulated areas,
  • Detect the presence of moisture and mold,
  • Identify an air or water leak,
  • Visualize the thermal bridges and temperature differences.


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